Light Bulb Club is an independent student academic organization of SUIS Pudong, established in August 2018. It has now developed into the school’s largest student-led organization. It involves secondary students teaching three subjects to primary students: Society, Art&Design and Technology.


Class of October-December 2019

At the beginning of this academic year, Light Bulb Club expanded the range of student enrolment to G4-5 primary instead of only opening to G5 as in May-June. On December 2019, LBC students displayed their projects at a huge Student Project Fair hosted at the Winter Bazaar. It attracted lots of school teachers, schoolmates, parents and former LBC students to appreciate the fantastic works of their little brothers and sisters.

Society students each researched one specific social problem which was related to a specific topic they studied.

Technology students did a brand new physics experiment: How to make the marble travel a certain distance in the shortest time.

Art & Design students each created their own unique “Where East meets West” themed artworks. They tried to use marker pens to create Chinese Calligraphy on Chinese Fans.

According to the founders and directors of Light Blub Club,the purpose of hosting the Project fair is to encourage students to turn their creative new ideas into reality.

“They are not only receiving the success after they complete the job, but also the enjoyment of the process of creativity. It conducts proficiency and encourages them to try something new.”


Graduation Awarding Ceremony

At the graduation Awarding Ceremony , Ms Jingyi Gao, Deputy Head of IS Primary offered some of very important guidance to Light Bulb Club, she delivered her speech about her witnesses of arduous efforts of LBC student-led team behind every activity.

Joy Zhuang and Kevin Xu,the founders and directors of Light Blub Club,also insisted that when students receive their certificates, they should ask themselves in their hearts: What can I do? How can I use what LBC has taught me to make the world a better place?

In Bella Zhou’s speech as student representative, she mentioned that Light Bulb Club is fantastic because it helps a lot with their communication, especially for someone like her. Before she went to LBC, she was very shy and modest to do everything like standing on the stage to present a presentation. But after she joined LBC she feels cool, and she is becoming confident and adventurous.

As Joy has graduated and will soon attend college in the UK, Kevin will take over her position as Director of Light Bulb Club for the next year and in charge of future lessons and activities. Therefore,for Light Bulb Club, this was also a transition day between memory and the future.

Even though Light Bulb Club is very young, its scale, accomplishments and developments are not usually what can be achieved during a short time.We wish our little morning stars keep on shining!