We had a very special and memorable cultural Diversity week this year. We learnt about different countries and cultures during the week, we also had a chance to learn about a province of China. Students enjoyed the activities in the class and their grade.

Grade 1

Grade 1 students enjoyed our unit on Cultural Diversity tremendously. The students had the opportunity to learn about Mexico. They learnt about the culture, the food, the clothes, the climate, entertainment and a lot more.

Students had a lovely surprise when their live lesson had students from Mexico in the classroom. This was a wonderful, unforgettable opportunity for students in two different parts of the world to communicate and talk about their own countries. They not only spoke about the cultural differences, but enjoyed hearing different songs in Spanish and Chinese and also learnt some basic phrases in both of these languages.  The students enjoyed seeing the Mexican friends in their traditional clothes and enjoyed asking them lots of questions about their country.

Families joined in the fun, preparing and cooking different types of Mexican dishes, tasting different food and fulvous, and having a true cultural diversity experience.

After our lovely online experience, our students had the opportunity to talk about either their own country or a country of their choice.  This served as a wonderful, informative time to open our ideas and thoughts about different cultures around the world. It gave us all a chance to try and understand different cultures and learn valuable information about them.


Grade 2

The G2 students, produced a lot of creative work, posters, ppts, designs and clothing. They researched their respective countries and made comparisons of the various countries and cultures.During the dress up lesson they showed off their designer masks and national dress. We hope that they benefited and enjoyed learning about different celebrations and diverse cultures, while making connections from their experiences to the greater world.

All grade 2’s were dressed up during the live lesson to celebrate, the diverse cultures.  They were engaged and excited to share their research findings on their class country of choice.

Grade 3

Cultural Diversity Week is a special week for us in Grade 3. We all had an amazing time learning about many different cultures and traditions. Students participated in a few different events. Firstly, students learned about traditions and the culture of Canada, The United Arab Emirates and The United States of America. Students also learned about Guangdong Province and how to speak some Cantonese.


Students at home participated in a few great tasks like preparing food from different cultures and places, dressing up in the tradition clothes.  We had a great time learning about different cultures to know more about the world we live in.

Grade 4

Grade 4 really enjoyed Cultural Diversity Week and learning about the U.K., Singapore, China and even a little bit about Canada – thanks Mr. Matt!

Learning new things about cultures is always very interesting and something we do whenever we visit a different town, province or country. It is this natural curiosity about‘something different’ that catches our eye when we see local villagers in traditional clothing, or a loud and colourful festival taking place on the street, or even a new dish of food you have never seen before! As you can see from the photos, Grade 4 had lots of fun learning about these differences last week.

Grade 5

Grade 5 students fully embraced cultural diversity week as each class chose a country to focus on along with each individual student choosing a separate country to research and present on during our first week back in the classroom. Food was cooked, costumes created, and dances performed as each child learned about multiple countries through the dozens of excellent discovery quest presentations created.


Despite the obstacles created by CDW occurring during online learning, students adapted and saved their best work for our return to school – a wonderful effort from all.

It is amazing to learn and recognize that we live in the same world but how unique we all are.