Science fiction,is one of the greatest inventions of human beings, iT always guides people to conjecture more and think more.

The future is indefinite, and that is what makes it so attractive.

For this year’s Earth Day, students from SUIS PD all got the opportunity to experience the wonderful world created by the Chinese science fiction writer, Cixin Liu.

The story, Devourer, is written by Cixin Liu, the Hugo Award winner who is also the author of The Three Body Problem. In this 20,000 word story, Liu illustrates a future world where the importance of environment protection is explored.




Copyright Acknowledgement

In order to make the activity legal and feasible, we contacted Liu and got his approval to use this story as part of our educational resource.


Then comes the cooperation.

Students, teachers and parents worked together to read and record the story, then we made it into an audio story. This audio story was then shared with all the other students of SUIS Pudong.


The quiz

After listening, each student needed to finish a quiz: this was to test how much he/she understood the story.

Here’s a list of the top 10 responses.



1 傅晞晋  Brayden Fu一年级三班

2 杨雅涵  Elsa Yang 二年级三班

3 江昱 Lucas Jiang 二年级一班

4 王奕涵  Max Wang一年级二班

5 费欣瑜  Sunny Fei一年级二班

6 刘星孜  Maxi Liu一年级三班

7 胡泽语  Joey Hu一年级一班

8 黄厚钧 Robert Huang 二年级二班

9 刘宇宸Alex  二年级熊猫班G2 Panda

10 赵梓熙 Cindy Zhao 二年级二班


三年级往上KS2 and above:

1 林轩弘  Jayden 八年级二班 G8B

2 王戴米Demi 六年级一班 G6A

3 白斐月 Isabel Bai 四年级一班 G4A

4 张婷妤 Kitty 七年级一班 G7A

6 王思涵 SallyWang 四年级二班 G4B

7 黄力辰 Jack 八年级一班 G8A

8 张心弛 Alan 八年级一班 G8A

9  陈语茜 Lee 八年级二班 G8B

10 琚梓奕 Judy  七年级一班 G7A

10 吴婉庭 Alissa五年级狮子班 G5 Lion


Our Thinking and Feedback

Based on the story, our students had their own thinking. They have been so creative and we received a great number of wonderful works from them!










For more work, please refer to our School wechat.

When all the work has been gathered, we will share these with the author, Liu.


Last but not least, we hope that each member of SUIS Pudong has learned the importance of protecting the environment through participating in this reading program.

We hope that one day, through our efforts, the earth will open her eyes to a fresh new world.




协调小组成员The Leading Group:

吴昊 Kathy Wu

高静怡 Jingyi Gao

章琴 Sarah Zhang

王迎 Echo Wang

吴韵 Wendy Wu

孙艳萍 Sunny Sun

周晓芳 Zoe Zhou

沈君莉 Wendy Shen

施晓玲 Sally Shi


录音人员名单 The Narrators:

Kim Sahi  金志明Benjamin  吴昊Kathy Wu   竺佳蓉Cayor Zhu


Paul Romano

ISP G5Dragon 刘一萱 Michelle Liu

ISP G5Tiger郭玥彤Amber

ISP G5Lion姚钧博Lucas Yao

ISP G5Lion吴丞珳迪Wendy Wucheng

ISP G5Tiger陈雅楠Ariana Chen

ISP G5Panda华添羽 Chris Hua

ISP G5Panda徐子墨Momo Xu

ISP 王迎 Echo Wang

ISP G5 Dragon吴贤昊Gary

ISP 孙艳萍Sunny Sun

ISP高静怡 Jingyi Gao

ISP 吴韵Wendy Wu



LSP 严晓英&孙承悦 Lisa Yan& Joyce Sun

LSP 5A 刘垚忻Yaoxin Liu

LSP  丁晓磊Miffy Ding

LSP 4C 韩济铭Michelle Han

LSP 5B 杨曈Jessie Yang

LSP 杜静平Rachel Du

LSP 5D 张嘉宜Deli Zhang

LSP 4B 梁博凯Jake Liang

LSP 胡玥 Olivia Hu

LSP 4D 葛君阳Joon Ge

LSP 4A 张雅清Angela Zhang

LSP 5C 齐祺Rain Qi



ISS G6 SM 王健行 Fisher Wang

ISS G6 MM 马骏佑 Yoyo Ma

ISS G6 SM 牛紫涵 Purple Niu

ISS G6 MM 谢瑾然 Gina Xie

ISS G7SD 朱宇悦 Angle Zhu

ISS G7 SD 贾子德 David Jia

ISS G7 JL 吴珈羽 Glenny Wu

ISS G7 JL 吕思宁 Alex Lv

ISS 8MB 左文 Isabella Zuo

ISS 8MS 张绮淇 Kiki Zhang

ISS 8MB 周嘉许 Josh Zhou

ISS 8MB Iannis Hasnas

ISS 8MS 袁中方 Eric Yuan

ISS 8MS 刘宇轩 Mike Liu

ISS IG1 JL 曹佳仪 Ariel Cao

ISS IG1 JL 周亦张 Andrew Zhou

ISS IG1JL 杨宗灵 Tomy Yang

ISS IG1 JL 杨远怡 Yvoone Yang

ISS IG1 JL 雷丫夏 Yaryna Lesniak

ISS Teacher Bastain Tsui



LSS 6A 朱宇轩 Alex Zhu

LSS 6B 楼祎飏 Evelyn Lou

LSS 6C 吴易洋Amanda Wu

LSS 7A 潘镜云 Jingyun Pan

LSS 7B 潘越Monica Pan 徐心妍Chloe Xu

LSS 8A 罗沁愉 Selby Luo

LSS 8B 林轩弘 Jayden Lin

LSS 9A  孟凡茗Candy Meng

LSS 9B 罗奕婷 Angela Luo

LSS 6A 王戴米Demi Wang

LSS 7B 宋昀霏Tina Song李思源Cindy Li

LSS 8B 徐宇蝶Angel Xu