The health and safety of all the students and staff is always the priority of our school. In January, the school responded fast after the outbreak of COVID-19 virus and have established the School Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group, who are in charge of all the organization, coordination, deployment and promotion of school epidemic prevention and control work. In addition, all round policies have been made to ensure the implementing of various measures follow the strict guidelines as set out by the local government authority.

【Our focus in epidemic prevention】

  • The main gate.

Each stream will have a scheduled time to enter the campus. When entering the school, all our students and staff need to line up with attention being paid to social distancing rules. Students and staff are not allowed to go into the building until they have had their temperature tested, finished the foot disinfection (on a mat) and washed their hands with sanitizer. School will be maintaining a closed-off community management system, where all visitors’ entry will be strictly controlled and their ID and temperature will be recorded.


  • The Canteen

Students and staff will have lunch at different times. They are to sit in one direction according to the designated position and maintain a safe distance when dining. Extra emphasis will be placed to the cleaning and sanitizing of the floor, canteen benches, all cutlery and cooking utensils. Set meals will be provided and the quality and nutrition of the food is guaranteed.

  • Temporary observation area


We will have two temporary observation areas in the school, one being close to Xueye Gate and the other one near the infirmary. These will be used for the quarantine of any students or staff, if a suspicious case is identified during the morning temperature check or during school time. School will appoint staff to manage, patrol, and clean these areas regularly.

  • Resources for epidemic protection

The school prepared a certain amount of masks (for both adults and children), hand sanitizer, disinfecting and alcohol wipes, disposable gloves and hazmat suits. Furthermore we have purchased sanitizing equipment and an infrared thermometer.

  • Cleaning and disinfection

The cleaning staff, with professional guidance of our school nurse, conducted a thorough disinfection of the campus, especially the classrooms, offices, the canteen and toilets. The  infirmary, temporary observation areas and other public areas have also been thoroughly disinfected and will continue to do so.


  • Teachers and staff’s health condition

School continuously collect the most updated data every day which regard our students and staff’s health condition to ensure all the returning people are in a healthy condition.


【Completed Inspections at all levels】

  • 17th April: The inspection conducted by Pudong Education Bureau.
  • 22nd April: The inspection conducted by Zhoujiadu Street Pudong New Area.
  • 22nd April: The inspection conducted by the fire-control commend center.
  • 23rd April: The inspection conducted by Zhoujiadu police station.


【Training and practice drills】

In order to help teachers better understand the relevant policies and procedures,we have published the bilingual Guidelines for the Preparation of Teaching Staff based on various prevention and control procedures . In addition, a video presentation is provided to explain the details.


This week, with many teaching staff coming back to school, we conducted regular staff practice drills to improve preparation and management regulations. Considering the safety issue, we organized online and offline training, with a particular focus of how to respond to emergencies in a detailed and comprehensive manner.

Teachers have prepared all-sided learning content and resources for students to learn as they returned. The Guidelines for All the Returning Students will be shared with each Grade later and relevant training will also be organized for students after they being back.

【Teaching preparation work】

Meanwhile, our teaching staff are all ready for students returning to campus. Based on students’ current learning situation, each grade has had in-depth discussions and researches to ensure a smooth transition between online and classroom teaching.

When preparing for teaching, teachers also make every effort to elaborate design and try to create a unique teaching environment which will be suitable for students when they return back. Although, our students had not yet returned to school, teachers have been doing all the preparatory work and are just waiting for our SUIS members to come back!



【Special Thanks】    

Also, we would like to say a big thank you to every student and parent. During the outbreak of COVID-19, school received all kinds of help and support from you.

Thank you for your huge support on online learning and donations of assorted prevention and control resources; thank you for helping your child with his/her home study and report all the health data on a daily basis. During this special period, we are actually standing together to overcome all kind of difficulties as one community. Hope that we could continue to walk hand in hand after everything back to normal.




Flowers are in full bloom in the spring and we are looking forward to seeing everyone on the campus soon!