2019-2020 1st semester Book Fair officially kicked off during autumn. In order to cooperate with the school’s reading week, and further enhance the campus culture atmosphere, from 6th of November to 8th of November, the Book Fair was open in the lobby on the first floor.


This Book Fair is a collaboration between our library and Shanghai Book Win Company. We aim to deliver the most up-to-date and high-quality books issued by many large domestic and foreign publishers to our teachers and students. Among them, there are many new books ,such as Dog Man’s latest series that was officially published in China for the first time, which is eye-catching! In order to meet the diverse reading needs of students and improve their reading enthusiasm, booksellers have also worked hard on book selection. A total of 4500 books of 1400 titles were exhibited for our students and teachers to purchase. Themes include picture books, literature, art, comics, human history, etc. In addition to this, there are also teaching aids and teaching products that are popular with students.


As always, this Book Fair was warmly welcomed by students and teachers. The students are lined up under the guidance of the teachers to attend the Book Fair by turns. The voices will come before the arrival of the students, and the excitement and joy of buying books will be shown between the talks. Looking around, the front of the book showcase was crowded. The students showed a lot of enthusiasm for buying books. The conversation was full of enjoyment and love for reading.



The placement of books in the Book Fair is also somehow particular. For students of different ages and ability of reading, the area is divided according to the difficulty of the book, so that students can find the book that suits them most, quickly and conveniently. The popular science books area is deeply loved by students. These fun and informative science books allow students to get new skills and new knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere, which makes them linger.




The Book Fair ended successfully, and the temporary end does not mean anything. We hope that in the course of the event, we will learn from the experience and lessons in a timely manner. Next time, we promise to bring a more enjoyable Book Fair to the students. We also hope that parents and teachers will give us more suggestion to help the library to improve this semi-annual event, and work together to create a better reading environment for our children and to stimulate children’s reading enthusiasm. The next Book Fair, can’t wait to see!