On Wednesday, 23rd of October, and Thursday, 24th of October ISP students participated in their annual ‘Sports Day’. This day is one of anticipation for all students and since the beginning of the semester they have been practicing to improve their skills and teamwork to excel in this event. Students had the opportunity to work together with other members of their house and gain points throughout the day.

There were 10 events that each student participated in; some of these events were house events and some were individual events. The house events were ones, where the students worked together as a team. Events such as; ‘dress up relay’, ‘kayak race’ and ‘free throw’ were all house events. Some events were individual events where students got to compete against everyone else in their grade, medals were given out to the top 3 students from each grade. Events such as; 50m, javelin and obstacle course were all individual events.


When all the points from the days were added up at the end of G1-2-3 competition green house were the champions earning 337 house points and were awarded the trophy. The G4-5 competition was extremely close right to the end and the relay races were the difference. When Mr. John added up all the points Red house were the champions.

Sports Day wouldn’t have happened without the hard work and cooperation of all the staff who took part in the day. All the students competed energetically, they helped each other and always followed the directions given to them. Finally, we would like to thank the parents who attended the event for all their support, it was hugely appreciated.

G4 Lion Kathrine

Last week’s sports day is pretty awesome. However, I will suggest that next time the tug of war could be in the afternoon and the athletics can be in the morning so that we can save more energy to win points for our team!

G4 Lion Lucy


G1 Lion Jacob


G3 Dragon Michael & Lucas

Last week’s sports day is awesome! We especially enjoy the Relay Games in the afternoon.