400 IS Primary students took part in fun and creative activities during Art Week 2019. They participated in the ISP “History of Art” Competition, creating unique artworks inspired by their favorite artist, art movement or period. Our “History of Art at SUIS Pudong” amazing artworks will be on display in the main floor (hallway) for a few more weeks. Please stop by when visiting the school to explore and admire!


All participants did an excellent job and it was very hard to choose the best work. Below, is the list of winners for ISP Art Week “History of Art at SUIS Pudong” Competition who were awarded with green cards, sets of paint markers, 20 house points and other fun prizes:



Grade 1

 Dragon – Anna, Sean

 Lion – Catherine, Ricky

 Panda – Emily, George

Grade 2

 Dragon – Arya, Katie

 Lion – Howard, Joy

 Panda – Alex, Anna

Grade 3

 Dragon – Cindy

 Lion – Renee, Daisy, Emily

Panda – Elizabeth

Grade 4

 Dragon – Michael

 Lion – Stanley, Wendy

 Panda – Ino, Chloe

 Tiger – Yolanda, Henry


Grade 5

 Dragon – Michelle

 Lion – Maahir

 Panda – Kyle, Sunny, Diamond, Elaine

 Tiger – Melissa, Katie


G1 and G2 explored beautiful floral themed art week. They made beautiful tissue paper flower with their homeroom teachers. Also for the first time in art class they worked together in a group created a big Andy Warhol inspired flower painting.



KS – 2 (Grade 3 – 5) students learned how to use shrinkable plastic to design pedants, bookmarks and mascots and used new techniques to create Class Mascots for the “KS – 2 Mascot Competition”.


We had a super fun Art Week Assembly on October 25th when students received prizes and rewards and wore “Wearable Art” colourful or self-designed outfits making this day a fantastic one!