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IS Upper/Lower Primary Choir

Rehearsal:Lower: Tue / Upper:  Thur

ISP Chamber Strings


 ArtISP Art Club

ISP students of Grade 2, 3, 4 and 5 had lots of fun during our very first Art Club sessions this semester. These classes held in the Art Room A 111 will be helping Primary students to extend learning beyond regular art lessons working on artistic portfolios and projects representing our school in Shanghai’s artistic community. There will be 2 Terms for this academic year:

Term 1 Art Clubs started on Sept. 18th for Grades 4-5 and Sept. 19th for Grades 2-3. Term 2 will commence on Feb. 3rd (after CNY holidays).

We are looking forward to many creative and unique experiences awaiting ahead!


Boys Football (U11/U13/U15)

Trainning Time:U11:  Thur / U13: Wed / U15: TBD

Girls Football (U11/U13/U15)
Trainning Time:U11:  Tue / U13、U15:  TBD
Boys Basketball (U11/U13)
Trainning Time:U11:  Thur / U13:  Wed
Grils Basketball (U11/U13)
 Trainning Time:U11、U13:  Tue
Girls Volleyball (U13/U15)
Trainning Time:U13、U15:  Mon & Tue
Badminton (U11/U13/U15)
Trainning Time:U11: Wed / U13、U15: Thur
Dralion Hockey Team
ISS Computing Club

Last year, we built the SUIS House (in beta) website, which displays the house points of each house and house events happening in school. We had members who developed their websites and programs, such as image sorting program using machine learning, academic tutorial website. Furthermore, our students entered the ACSL and Google Code-in competitions and achieved top 3% in the world.

If you would like to own or be part of a new program, our club will be a great place to make that happen. No matter if you are a pro or a starter, as long as you are enthusiastic in programming, you are welcomed to the club.

The club is on every Tuesday at B202(IT lab), from 16:00 – 17:00.

The computing club is open for anyone interested in programming. We have experienced programmers from A-Level in charge of guiding and tutoring the students. The main aim of this club is to let more students get involved in programming and let them develop their interests in depth. We offer lessons inwebsite development, database development, iOS app & game development, and Python.


ISS Light Bulb Club

Wanna be an innovative, world-changing inventor like Steve Jobs?

 A creative designer creating breathtaking masterpieces like Van Gogh?

Or a wise, brave leader like Martin Luther King

Do you have an idea what secondary school is like? The classrooms, students, lessons…it’s a whole new world out there !

If you’re in IS G4~5, come join the Light Bulb Club, a lunchtime creativity and leadership workshop taught by secondary students in secondary classrooms!

In our Society, Technology and Art&Design workshops, you can learn amazing skills that you wouldn’t learn in your normal classes, and have a first glance of life in secondary school!

After completing our classes, you’ll also get to create your own individual projects and exhibit them to the whole school in our big Project Fair!