The increasingly hot summer did not stop our children’s efforts, and each student’s focus and enthusiasm for rehearsals were the biggest testimony to the show. On the afternoon of the 26th, Shanghai United International School Pudong campus Reporting Hall was like the Broadway Theater in the United States. Nearly one hundred Grade 3 students of the domestic primary school, gathered here to launch a musical tour about growing up-the English musical tour——<Mamma Mia>, which ended in the students’ deductive interpretations and the applause of the audience.

The music-characteristic course has entered its seven years. All the teachers of the musical drama creation team strive to achieve full English repertoire with various performance forms, each year, and students have a bright spot in the whole repertoire. Although there were doubts and discussions in the process of preparation, we saw the confidence and bright smiles of students on the stage, leaving us beliefs and confidence to persist! Each Grade 3 student will study the musicals and strings throughout the school year and perform a full-English musical at the end of the school year to report as a featured course. What makes us proud is that every child is constantly working hard, and the stage effects we present are becoming more mature.

This year’s full English musical <Mamma Mia> is more challengeable in the original script creation. In order to make the plot more suitable for the age characteristics of the students, we completely changed the original plot and created the SUIS Pudong campus’s version of <Mamma Mia>. At the same time, whether it is the regular rehearsal in the medium term, or the refined rehearsal, props and makeup embellishment in the later stage, we strive to be more professional to achieve the best stage effect.


Opportunities and challenges always coexist. In order to more prominently emphasize the concept of closer cooperation between all students and highlight the musicality of the  dance, in the whole six scenes, almost 50 students will appear on the stage at the same time. Therefore, for students and teachers, it is a big challenge for keeping the order lines. And the orderliness of the students during the waiting period and the professionalism of regulatory education of teachers perfectly solved this challenge. At the same time, the success of today’s show is also inseparable from the full support of the school leaders, subject teachers’ serious and responsible attitude and efforts of the family committee. It is precisely because of the close cooperation of all aspects that brings about a wonderful report beyond expectation.

We are always convinced that each Grade 3 students will leave seeds of a musical performance in their little heart through the study of musical and string lessons for one academic year. We also believe that the synergy among students is stronger. Let’s accompany the growth of students and interpret the close relationship between youth, family and friendship. Let’s feel the common joy with students, enjoy the different warmth with the unimaginable scene, and experience a full-fledged musical party!