The original dramas The Story of Us were unveiled in the SUIS Pu Dong auditorium. Our audience was quite impressed by the great atmosphere in the auditorium, the fine props setting on stage and the passionate and natural performance of our actors.

The play is a story about a teenager boy named Andy who is entangled by pressures of school and parents’ misunderstanding. By showing Andy’s one-day school life, you will see what makes him worried and how he vies the world. The Story of Us is a drama based on an individual’s feelings and problems in his family. It reveals the desires of not only Andy, but also many other students.

The kids hope us have a better understanding of the reasons behind the child’s daily life and behavior. This was not only Andy’s story. Also, the kids’ story.

Comments from our parents 

What a marvelous performance day! Great atmosphere in the theatre and such fine acting on stage: the students worked hard to prepare the show under careful guidance from their teachers, and the results were amazing. The kids put their hearts into their parts, acted with passion and determination, and some exhibited a natural flair worthy of professional actors. Thank you to everyone who organized the show, and looking forward to the next performance! (By G7 parents)


We’d like to express our gratitude to everyone who helps us for this amazing Drama Day, our students, our teachers, our parents and our logistic team! It’s your support and dedication that made this possible! Let’s look forward to our next year’s Dramatization in June 2020!