During the week-long Campus Arts Festival some students meditated on exhibited art works while others created new pieces of art. They were advised to communicate silently with creativity when making or looking art works, in order to connect with and find a new artistic language for themselves. This was furthered by input given to them by professional arts who visited the school.


Grade 1


Grade 2


Grade 3

Grade 4



Grade 5


During the festival, some of our students were invited to attend the opening ceremony of the 12th China Arts Festival, which was hosted by the Ministry of Culture of China at the China Art Museum. During this time students had the opportunity to talk with city leaders and artists. They also showed their paintings and received praise from everyone in attendance for their fantastic work.



On last day of the festival everyone was invited to wear ‘crazy’ hairstyles or headdress. Students and teachers were bold, creative and colourful and everybody body looked fantastic with their new inventive styles.  This was a great activity to keep the energy of the festival high right up until the last day.


Finally, at the closing ceremony, the head of the Cultural Department of Chinese Art Museum was a welcomed guest of honor at SUIS Pudong. He summarized the activities of the festival and gave us a wise message to consider and use in the future.  Before he left, he took many pictures on the students’ crazy new styles!