The exchange, appreciation and integration of art is essential to boost the advance of man’s culture and world peace, and is the path to development.

It is the characteristics of Xiehe that you cannot only show yourself but also learn to appreciate others.

“He” stands for harmony, multiple cultures come together;

“He” stands for equality, cultural differences coexist;

“He” stands for tolerance, east and west meet, integrating ancient and modern.

On May 20, 2019, the students and teachers from local secondary stream are indulged in the music and dance!


Musical Performance

Musical instruments are one of the most important mediums of art, one conveying man’s emotions. They keep us company like friends, releasing our emotions, joy or sorrow, pleasure or anger. We pride ourselves on our students in Xiehe, who are good at all kinds of musical instruments.





Some plays, based on classic novels, animations, TV series or films, interpret the original works in a more profound way, by adapting scripts, props, lightings, sound effects and costumes, such as witty skits, cross talks and romantic dramas.





How could it be possible that there’s no dancing on Xiehe’s stage with wonderful musical instruments and acting? The combination of singing and dancing shows the youth, such as the students from Grade 8 dancing with some of their teachers, Korean Pop Dance, Ancient Sword Dance, and Modern Jazz.




Witty skits, cross talks and romantic dramas exhibit students’ versatility.

Modern and classic dances show integration.

Every student feels the charm of art with his/her heart, whether the integration of east and west, or the integration of ancient and modern, or the integration of various forms of art.

The boat of art has just set sail, carrying the dreams of all the students in Xiehe far and beyond.