On May 23th, the early summer of 2019, the sixth grade parents opening day was held as scheduled in junior middle school. The Parents Opening Day not only demonstrated the rich and colorful campus life of students, but also demonstrated the diversity of teaching principles of SUIS. At the same time, it gained the trust and recognition of parents.

The highlight of the parents open day was the spectacular performance, which consisted of three parts: reports on museum learning, classics reading ,Dubbing Show ,English drama and the demonstration of outsourcing lessons.

During the study of the museum course, students stepped out of the campus and into society. They not only saw a wealth of knowledge, but also gained self-confidence in learning and developed the habit of scientific exploration.

The recitation of classic poetry allowed students to intimately contact with the ancient sages through the space and time, experience their feelings and spirits. The excellent and thought-provoking performances transcended the limitations of time, precipitated the history and glory of Chinese civilization, and truly made the Chinese classic poetry last forever.

Our audience was quite impressed by the great atmosphere in the theatre, the fine props setting on stage and the passionate and natural performance of our actors!

And our Math Ted shows that the readings of Math are also poetic. Math can be learned except doing a lot of problems.

In the demonstration of outsourcing lessons, the students showed Fencing、Judo and robot in front of all the parents, which made the opening day reach a climax. With the instruction of the coach, everyone did a good job with neat and standard actions. Especially in the one-on-one Judo battle, our little judo players were full of energy, they were not afraid and never retreated. The enthusiastic applause from the audience is the best affirmation for them.

Although the Parents Opening Day is over, the pace of growth never stops. The melody of growth is still raging. The years of growth are even more picturesque. They are dreamlike and full of endless expectations! May the children follow the rhythm and continue the melody of growth in the beautiful campus of SUIS PD!