April and May have put a spirit of youth in everything. This month is a very prosperous one indeed, as all the students from LS Primary are holding a long list of English words and muttering. In order to nurture students who are independent in action, global in understanding and experience, and excellent in all endeavors, teachers from English department introduce the spelling contest to all. Also, our totally committed families and the extremely hard work of both students and teachers make our first Spelling Bee Competition a great success.

A written test is held in every class after the well-devised competition rules are publicized. Ten elite spellers can attend a class-wide oral spelling contest, from which only one or two best spellers can advance to the final round. These brave final bees have to spell their assigned words carefully because of the harsh elimination. Word lists are basically made up of textbook materials, however, our candidates are so “over-prepared” that judges have to take out a hidden list to welcome the champion. The audience show their enthusiasm about the competition as well, by holding their breath when friends are spelling and by shouting out the correct answer when spellers make a mistake. All the pronouncers, judges and time keepers are also on edge as they wait for students’ performance after giving a challenging word and wait for the competition results.

Spellers clench theirs fists before taking to the stage, gesture with hands to recall the word while spelling and leave the stage with either laughter or tears. This unforgettable experience of attending the game may last long in students’ memories, as well as what they actually learn and master during this period. More importantly, their willingness to pay tireless efforts and to take risks will gradually arouse their amazing progress and inspire them to make a difference.