April is such a vibrant season that the nature is releasing its youthful vigour as we do.The teachers and students of the G3 welcomed the long-awaited collective 10th birthday party.

Ten years ago, accompanied by a loud cry, the babies came to the strange world under people’s great expectation. Since then, thanks to attentive care from parents, patient inculcation from teachers and friendship with classmates, you have moved step by step to this remarkable day.

At this moment, you are extremely excited and can’t be happier. Our beloved teachers and parents are celebrating the wonderful time together with us.

Your talent and growth are presented with your songs, dances and recitation.The thanksgiving cards also help express your sincere gratitude to parents for years of upbringing.

When the birthday candles were lit, you made your best wishes.

This is the first decade in your lives, and you are about to start the second one with everyone’s dearest cherish. I believe you will keep exceeding yourselves and moving forward.