On 2019, April 18th, the prefects and house captains went to Sha Tian Retired House.

Some prefects performed such as piano show, flute and some songs.

At the end of all performances, two elder people sang two song to us. The elders also do hand exercises to let them remember well.



On the very last bit of times, we visited most the elders in their room and gave them cookies if they wanted. We also go visit a lady who was already over 100 years old! Then we went back to school.

What a lovely trip!

This field trip was one of a kind. It was nice to support the elderly. It was incredible that there was a 102 year old lady who made it through World War 2! Even though it was very scary at times, I enjoyed it very much. It was fun to give the elderly cookies.

On a Thursday morning in April, the Student Council and the House Captains went on a trip to a retired house. We performed magic tricks, ballet, playing piano etc.

Although it wasn’t as fun and exciting as I expected, I had a pleasant feeling or an honor to help them such as cutting dragon fruit, taking banana out of bags and giving them to the elderly. The real thing is to make them happy. Seeing those happy faces staring at us, I was happy, too. And I also like the way they sing the songs. Making these happiness rejoin altogether again.

When I went to the retired house, I felt excited. Because I’m going to meet those grandmas and grandpas. We went to the activity room and did many performances. I think all of them are all very wonderful m. All the old people were all very happy and healthy. They even had some songs for us! I think when I grow up, I’m going to become a teacher and leads us in a field trip to a retired house, too. I think I have a terrific and super fabulous day!