Chinese New Year is coming, International Primary Celebration Week with the theme of Ming Dynasty was gorgeously opened!

Dragon dance, as a major symbol of Chinese culture, has always been a traditional activity of our campus. Touching the dragon and lion is a good sign for a whole year. This is also the reason why we arrange this activity every year —– we hope that our children could know more about Chinese tradition, and of course, being healthy and happy in the coming new year!

The Ming Dynasty Exhibition is one of the innovation activities of this year. Through the activities, children learned about the history of Ming Dynasty, co-created the costumes of this specific period, and watched a small Ming Dynasty exhibition collectively. Combining the celebration with Chinese culture makes the New Year activities full of variety,  therefore,  students could further foster a profound understanding of Chinese history.


In the New Year’s Assembly, Face Changing, Chinese traditional drama—Carrying drama box, <A Journey to the West>, and < A story of Peter Pig >, < lou shi ming> are performed by the students from Chinese Drama CCA. All the performances lit up the whole of the stage.


Every year, class activities are the most anticipated activity for the kids. Blind gong, Music Chairs, and Chinese Sticks… These activities have created a festive atmosphere to celebrate the New Year.

Warm greeting and best wishes to everyone and good luck in the coming year!