Air Pollution Policy

30 November 2018


Dear Parents,


In order to effectively deal with the heavy air pollution and protect the health of students, according to the policies newly revised by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, based on school routines, from now on, we will take the following actions once we get the official alert of heavy air pollution announced by the municipal authorities.

On days when the Level IV – blue (AQI between 101-200, and short-time heavy air pollution may occur according to the prediction) or Level III – yellow (AQI between 201-300) alert is announced: All outdoor PE lessons and activities are cancelled. Students will participate in in-class activities and games during these times. P.E. lessons are held indoors and activities are modified to suit this change. Student lateness or absence is not recorded. Flexible arrangements will be made for educational and teaching activities. The morning checkup and daytime health inspection will be strengthened.

On days when the Level II – orange (AQI between 301-400) alert is announced: Besides the actions above mentioned for Level IV and Level III, indoor activities are reduced properly.

On days when the Level I – red (AQI above 400) alert is announced: We will confirm whether school is closed according to the notice issued by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. We will notify parents in time and follow up with the necessary operation.

Please be aware of the above arrangement. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.



With warmest regards,



Shanghai United International School Pudong Campus