This semester Premier Grade 2 students had the privilege of being invited to the opening of a retrospective art exhibition, called “Coming Home” at the China Art Museum gallery, by the famous Shanghainese born artist Hsiao Chin.

The students listened to HC speak about his adventurous artistic personal and physical life’s journey overseas, from a young boy of 5 to the present, 94 years young and still making art.

HC’s joyful and intellectually thoughtful attitude towards life and its experiences, radiates through his Abstract artworks.

Students visited his exhibition several times to enjoy the different styles of abstraction that HC had helped to develop over his long career and then to work on their designs, in the specially provided education room.

Students had prior knowledge of how colour has emotional psychological effects on their responses to art and built on that experience to learn that geometric shapes also have symbolic and deeper universal and spiritual meanings.

Their artistic responses were genuine and remarkably mature for such a young grade. They were able to verbally reflect on their own art and talk about their feelings with confidence at the concluding event held in our school’s auditorium last week. Their wonderful artworks were also displayed and a collaborative mosaic, work in progress, based on one student’s own design was revealed.

It is planned to be finished in time for the Grand 10 year Xiehe Art Exhibition at Pudong campus this October.