Earth DayGrade 2 had an inquiry into Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This being the case, the inquiry went beyond grade 2 classrooms into a whole school wide event. This resulted in SUIS Pudong celebrating Earth on Friday 20th April. Throughout the week students engaged in ongoing activities focusing on each grade level’s key issues of study related to preserving the environment and school wide initiatives such as:

  • survey on the best energy saving class by switching off lights, computers and white board screen during break-times
  • reducing food wastage in the canteen
  • recycling materials to design the most creative hat
  • making Earth Day bracelets to raise funds for charity
  • reducing excess books and donating them to migrant school to reuse

Highlights of the Actual Celebration Day: 20 April 2018: Students wore their earthy looking clothes and enjoyed the various activities around the school. Recycled creative hat parade, face painting and tattoos, buying bracelets to raise funds for charity, picnic lunch in the school playground area were the key entertaining events on this day.

ISP raised over 2000 rmb through Face Painting and “I Love Earth| bracelets sale to be donated to various charities!