In order to improve teenagers’ English reading ability and creativity, and strengthen the understanding of the car culture, the students in local secondary have taken part in Youth English Contest on Themed Topic organized by Shanghai BMW Center.

With the joint efforts of teachers and students, this competition has been successful. This contest fully excavated the creative potential of children, inspired students’ interest in English reading, especially expanding the understanding and concept of the details of the production of cars. There are three phases in the competition, including  preliminary,  training, the final.

Before the competition, the students took part in the tour to BMW Auto Museum. During the tour, the students gave took notes carefully, and accumulated a lot of knowledge for their creation.

By watching a series of BMW models, the students were inspired and all made a satisfactory work. All the students were required to write an article on the topic “If I were a car designer” in preliminary., the students gave full play to their imagination and designed their own cars.

Through the preliminary selection, 30 students advanced to the finals. These 30 contestants were given an introduction to the history of the car and automotive technology from BMW, and also received professional training for the speech.

The tense final moment came at last. Before the speech, these contestants were attentive to read the manuscript. During the speech, some contestants expressed with deep feelings and enthusiasm, facing the camera without tension; some contestants are passionate, with body movements in the speech, making their speech more vivid; some contestants sound smooth. They all brought enjoyment to the judges and the audience. It fully shows the distinguishing feature of SUIS English teaching and the cultural connotations of the students’ confidence and enthusiasm. All the senior management staff observing the competition were impressed by the students’ performance.

In addition, BMW experience center is also very considerate to prepare a great deal of dessert for everyone. In this exhibition hall which is full of Avant-garde concept, SUIS students constantly absorb fresh nutrients. This competition provides a good opportunity for students to extend their English learning, and also shows us the presence of SUIS to the international high-end brand.