Chinese idioms are the basis of Chinese culture part of our precious cultural heritage in China. They demonstrate semantics of the Chinese language -expressing -great and rich connotations.

Sixth graders from both the International and Local stream finally had their long-awaited Chinese idiom competition on the afternoon of November 23, 2017. With the help of the sixth graders’ teachers and parents, an intense competition was held, which fully embraced the ethos of East Meets West.

Every House was a unit with 6 contestants from each of the four houses. 24 students including CAL took part. There were three parts to it: Required Question, Quick Response and Acting.

The contestants were able to answer all the questions calmly and creatively, and they had a good tacit understanding, even if the questions were very challenging. The audience participated in this game during interactive sessions, so every student enjoyed the competition element, and of course the parents cheered them on.  The Green House won first place in the end.

During the competition, Local stream Yichen Zhou(6a), Xiaotong Ji, International stream students Alen Shen (6DO) and Jasper Weng (6AC) were outstanding and received Outstanding Individual Awards owing to their excellent performance.

The whole competition widened students’ horizons and improved their literary ability, promoting classic Chinese traditions. It strengthened the students’ friendship and boosted understanding between Local stream and International stream. This all led to a very enjoyable and educational experience. This competition has energised us culturally.


Here’s the list for the award.

Outstanding Individual    Alen Shen(6DO)  Jasper Weng(6AC)

Yichen Zhou(6a)  Xiaotong Ji(6a)

The First Prize   Green House

Joanna Cao(6DO)  Alen Shen(6DO)  Genevieve Liu(6DO)

 Rancheng Lu(6b)  Yufei Li(6a)  Qinyu Luo(6a)

The Second Prize   Blue House

Jasper Weng(6AC)  Bryan He(6AC)  Philip Cheng(6DO)

Yueheng Hua(6a)  Keyi You(6a)  Tingyun Shen(6b)

The Third Prize   Red House

Yolanda Chen(6AC)  Tina Tian(6AC)  Yolanda Zhou(6DO)

Yuxi Chen(6b)  Xiaotong Ji(6a)  Zhixian Cai(6b)