November 9 marked the first Cross-campus Inquiry Teaching and Researching Activity among all campuses in Shanghai United International School for Autumn Semester 2017. Pudong campus took the lead as offering two open classes for colleagues to observe and discuss. More than 20 Inquiry teachers got together and observed both lessons, including two teachers from Wuxi Campus, five from Hongqiao, and six from Wanyuan.

The two open classes were given by Miss Marquia and Miss Jojo from Class 1C, and Mr. Ibe and Miss Shirley from Class 4D, with the topics of Homes around the world and How and why are countries similar and different respectively.

By adopting effective teaching strategies and arranging various activities, 4 professional teachers from Pudong Campus drove students to think proactively, made the teaching processes smooth and comfortable, and overall class interesting and lively.

Students in both classes showed their passion in investigating and shared their learning results voluntarily and happily. They have been cultivated to be active and critical thinkers, creative learners as well as excellent presenters.

After observing these two inquiry classes, observers from other 3 campuses were full of praise of both lessons and actively shared their positive feedback with lesson-givers. They also commented that it’s a good and precious chance for them to exchange ideas, learn from teachers in other campuses, which would definitely benefit their future teaching and ultimately good for all the students in SUIS.

At last, Ms. Catherine from Curriculum and Teacher Development Department, who’s also the organizer of the activity, showed her appreciation to the hard-working teachers in Pudong Campus and their excellent classes, and expressed her hope to run the activity continuously from one campus to another, aiming to provide opportunities for teachers to share ideas and learn from physical teaching.