This week, International Stream Primary held our annual Book Week Events and Celebrations! We celebrated book week with many countless thrilling activities and events. Children of all ages loved our Book Fair from Shanghai Book Traders. Children purchased numerous books and accessories that help them explore their reading. We are very thankful that we had fantastic stories from our story mommies and parents! They read engaging and action-packed stories that kept our children entertained. In additional, we had internationally-famous Ms Priscilla Howe from Dream On tell amazing stories. Her stories include fairy tales, scary-stories and classic fun tales. For students who want to learn more about our incredible story-teller, they can visit her website:

We also had students from Grade 5, 4 and 3 read to other classes around the school. They gracefully read stories to the enthusiastic boys and girls.  Our English and Chinese classes had many different activities like door decorations, Book Awards, and Reading scavenger hunt! On Friday, we had our annual book swap with hundreds and hundreds of books donated by all of our thoughtful students. We also had our PJ Day and students had a chance to wear PJs to have a comfortable, reading in their homerooms. Everyone had a comfy and cozy day reading with their teachers and classmates.

Finally, students found out which books were the winning books for the story-writing competition. We had hundreds of stories made by the hard-working and imaginative children. In each grade, there were awards for gold, silver and bronze for the best stories. These creative children were able to receive a book from our book fair. All of us can’t wait to see these stories be made into actual books! Thank you to all the parents, students and teachers that made book week extra special!

What are students said:

My favorite part of book week was the story teller and the story writing competition. I think …the story teller told us incredible stories full of imagination and it involved every one. The stories were attractive and my favorite was the monkey shouting at the lion ? in the face. My next favorite one was the 3 boys and their uncle. In that story my favorite part was when the boys put pepper, lemon juice on their uncles skin even though it was quite scary.

I think…I wrote a good story even though it didn’t win but I am still very proud of myself for writing a story.