After a weekend of torrential rain it was a welcoming sight to see the sun again as Grade 3 set off for the BIO Farm. On arrival each class was greeting by their own personal guide who would take the children, teachers and adult helpers on a tour of what the Farm had to offer. Oh and there was plenty to offer! Don’t just take my word for it, here are just some of the comments the children made afterwards.

‘Our guide was great. She told us which insects are good for the plants, and which insects are bad.’ (Eric Wang G3 Lion).

‘I will keep the plant as a memory I have been to the Bio Farm!’ ‘It was a fantastic and interesting field trip.’ (From G3D)

‘I liked the flowers very much, but I didn’t enjoy tasting them.’ ‘The pig named Beibei nearly thought my hand was food!’ (From G3T)

‘Then we fed the animals, there was a pig, a goat and a lovely bunny rabbit.’ (Oruhkio G3 Lion).

‘My favourite animal was the goat because of his fluffy hair and beautiful horns’ Elena G3 Panda.

‘My favourite part was when we planted our own mint plant. It smelt so good!’(Eden G3 Panda)

The visit linked nicely to our current science topic entitled, Living things and their habitats.

It was an excellent chance for the children to see an abundance of vegetables and plants all grown naturally and without pesticides. It was also a great, hands-on, opportunity to care for the Farm animals!