Last week the International Secondary Chinese department organized a successful book week. The students had an opportunity to read fantastic books, and then discussed the plot of the story with their friends. They also discussed with their teachers their feelings towards the plot. All of the staff were pleased to see students reading confidently and focused on their reading.

The International Secondary’s Chinese teachers choose several books; such as books ‘ Grief Grocery Store’, ‘My Memories of Old Beijing’, ‘Besieged City’ to enable students to read together. During the reading, the students heard a lot of different responses as they all had their own opinions about the same book!

Students also made and submitted 3D Chinese posters. Students tried their best and produced some excellent works; ranging from a real grocery store; 3D cards; and someone even used straws, tooth picks and other cool materials to create the besieged city! Such imagination was inspiring to others!

After book week, the school gave prizes and gifts to the best project designers- see below.