Admission to Shanghai United International School (SUIS) is depending on a variety offactors. Applicants are finally offered places in SUIS are based on their social and academic ability in our diverse learning environment as well as theycould demonstrate good performance in virtues and behavior in either of their previous school record or at entry interview. At SUIS students need to have astrong desire in learning new things, overcoming kind of difficulties and always being committed to the class and study. Necessarily we do require teachers’ support in child’s education and also expect parents being agreed and cooperative to school. Such mutual assistance can develop a confident and self-dependent child who will smoothly adapt to different community in future. However,students themselves are being play the main role in the SUIS education path toachieve school’s target and expectation.


Students in our school come from different country and city. They differ in racial,ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. Otherwise we have got 50% domestic students and 40% Chinese teachers in international stream now. “Where East Meets West” encourages every SUIS-ers including staff, students and parents towork hard to create and maintain a harmonious and balanced environment which is always welcoming for all people.

Each application is processed, previewed and followed up by our Admissions Officers.SUIS is a Bilingual School we need to know well applicants’ language proficiency in both English and Chinese in advance. Applicants must provide the academic evaluation results and teachers comment in past school report cardsbefore our placement test and interview. If possible any confidential recommend ationletter could be a reference, and any diagnostic testing that will help us tounderstand any special learning needs an applicant may have.

The grade level placement is strictly determined by an applicant’s age as of August 31 in the academic year of entry. Although applicants were born and grew up in different counties where schools havevarying calendars, or some international school in Shanghai who cut off the age for each grade has different practices, the enrollment age policy for eachgrade in SUIS not only meets the Shanghai Education Bureau’s Regulation but also reflects what we believe from historical experience that students could demonstrate most appropriate academic and social skills at the cut-off agelevel. An exception to this policy would require parents’ particular application, then the approval of the Interview Teacher, Curriculum Head andPrincipal. It would only be made when all the evidence suggests it is in the child’s best benefit to be enrolled in the current year other than what the real age suggests. This exceptions are VERY A FEW in previous SUIS Admission records.