Please take a few minutes to carefully read through the checklist below for applying Shanghai United International School Pu Dong Campus before filling out the application form. Here you will see a list of notice that is helpful to check out if your child is ready to submit the application form and need a placement assessment from us. Should you have any questions or if we may offer any assistance please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Office.

  1. We accept both Chinese and Foreign applicants of Primary and Secondary School, and IGCSE program for which student was born at corresponding age for the request enrolled school year.
  2. Applicant’s grade level must strictly follow SUIS Age-Grade Level Guideline (ie, Grade 1 applicants must be at least 6years old by August 31 in current academic year).
  3. Applicants should not have any disciplinary problems in the previous kindergarten or school.
  4. The best application times applying to Grade 1 and Grade 6 shall be during every March and April. Details prefer to get from admissions office.
  5. Applicants of Grade 2 and upper grades have to apply for the grade of SUIS corresponding to their previous grade.
  6. The greatest application times applying to Grade 2 and upper grades shall be in January and May every year. Mostly interview occurs before winter and summer holiday.
  7. We cannot arrange an interview until the receipt of previous academic report of applicant.
  8. If applicant wants to enroll in SUIS in middle of term might be quickly arranged an interview in the four week of new term begins, but depending on the vacancies of that grade. Otherwise refer to POINT 7.
  9. All interviews possible depend on the receipt of application form, vacancy and student’s documentation for each grade.
  10. We do not permit applicants to skip or reset a grade upon entering SUIS.
  11. We cannot accept special-needs students due to lack of special education provision in staff and resource.