On Monday 18th October and Tuesday 19th October, we held our annual Sports Days for all International Primary students. We had the perfect weather in the midst of all the rain, it was dry and also not too hot. Everyone showed up well prepared for the day in their sports attire and house colours.


We could feel the excitement and nerves of the students at the prospect of competing and earning individual and house points on the day. The students and teachers were extra excited to invite the parents to attend this year as well.


The students followed a rotating schedule on the day which allowed them to participate in a variety of individual and house events. The events offered either 1 – 4 points for collective house effort or individual scores.


Grade 1 – 3 events were competitive throughout and stayed in close competition with each other. Once the points were tallied up the results were Blue – 316, Green – 278, Yellow – 272 and Red – 243. Well done to the Blue house!
Grade 4 – 5 students took part in a very close contest and the lead changed the whole day. The “tug of war” was the final event and it determined the winner in the end. The results were Green – 123, Yellow – 116, Blue – 115 and Red – 112. Well done to the Green house!

The back and forth swinging of results just showed the quality of collaboration, resilience and excellence by all students. They can all be very proud of themselves!
Both days were ended on a high with a “tug of war” between the teachers and parents. The parents won the battle on the G1 – G3 day and the teachers won the battle on G4 – G5 day. Thank you to the parents for being good sports on the day!
This day would of course not be possible without the hard work of all the staff involved. Also, a special word for all Grade 9 students who assisted on both days. Everyone’s efforts are greatly appreciated by the PE department!